The Healing Ripple Effect of a Beautiful Birth…

Posted by on Oct 30, 2018 in Writings

The Healing Ripple Effect of a Beautiful Birth…

Sometimes being a birth attendant can be disheartening…

It can feel as though one is working against a great big machine…birthing factories which seem to extract babies and eject traumatised women back into a system which does not acknowledge their experience and expects them to ‘get on with things.’ 

She has a healthy baby after all…

Sometimes it can feel like what is the fucking point?

What difference do I feel I can make?

Attending one birth at a time…sitting vigil…a guardian of a process…what difference can little old me make against the machine, the tide…just a little drop in the churning ocean?

Sometimes it feels like it is too late…women are broken…they feel broken and that the system is just too strong…too set in its ways…

But then…

I feel the tangible ripple healing effect of a beautiful birth.


When a woman births in her own power it is as though that drop in the insurmountable ocean becomes a source of rippling, healing, underground, light that bursts through her family, friends, community, and heals on a subtle palpable level. 

It is truly transformative.

The power and oxytocin and love that she releases are beyond magic.

And yet again, my faith and trust are restored in this work.

I feel truly honoured and blessed and humbled to be able, in my own small way, be part of this great healing.

Thank you.