Sexual Abuse Triggers in Pregnancy, Labour and Childbirth Workshop

According to the Medical Research Council, one in three girls under the age of 18 has been sexually abused in South Africa. South Africa is a country scarred by many years of oppression and sadly this perpetuates in society’s treatment of girls and women.

Pregnancy, labour and birth, and the care pregnant women receive can be major triggers of previous sexual abuse and by making caregivers aware of these, as well as arming them with skills, they can be part of the healing process. Trust and a feeling of safety are essential when pregnant and in a birthing environment, and even more so when a woman has a previous experience of rape or sexual abuse. An uncaring or unaware caregiver, could cause more damage, be part of the trigger, or perpetuate the sexual abuse.

This workshop offers a vital skill set for any birthkeeper working in South Africa. The workshop will cover deep listening skills, sexual abuse triggers that may come up, and how to care for a birthing woman who has experienced sexual trauma.

This is a full day workshop and all doulas, midwives and birth workers are welcome.

“Ruth’s workshop inspired in me deep feelings and thoughts. Ruth is a true visionary and has the courage to go places others fear to go.” – Luanne Epstein (doula, practitioner of Chinese medicine)


Past workshops:

28th of November 2017

The Cottage Guest House, 58 Austin Road, Glen Austin AH, Midrand, South Africa


12th of September 2017

45 Hilltop Street, Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa