Circle of Elephants Study Group and Workshops

Circle of Elephants will be hosting monthly talks and workshops for practising, aspiring and student midwives, doulas and other birthkeepers. in Cape Town, South Africa.

Circle of Elephants workshops and study groups are an opportunity to learn skills of the hands and heart pertaining to birth

We will host different speakers and subject matters.

The workshops take place the first Saturday of each month (Feb – Nov) and are open to student and aspiring, as well as experienced midwives, doulas and other birthkeepers and attendants, mother, fathers and anyone who is interested.

Cost is depending on the numbers of people who commit to being there and the time allocated to the course – we like to make sure we pay our instructors well to make it worth their while.

Bookings can be made through Circle of Elephants Facebook page or Bookings essential. Please bring along some fruit or healthy snacks to share


An Introduction to Midwifery – ‘What’s Next?’ webinar

An online webinar discussing the pathway of traditional midwifery here in South Africa

You can still access these videos even if you missed this webinar! please write to us at