Additional Skills and Information Session Weekend for Doula and Birthkeepers


A weekend course for doulas, student midwives and other birth keepers with some experience of attending births.

As birthkeepers, we attend births in many different settings and we hold space for women and their families as they birth. It is not often that we get to reconnect to ourselves and with others as birth keepers and to give ourselves time to process and discuss the births we have attended and what being a birthkeeper truly means to us. This course is about focusing and discussing the births we have attended. It is also about grounding ourselves and connecting as birth attendants.

As doulas, we attend births in a non-medical capacity but there may be times when we may have to deal with emergency situations and so we will also be learning some basic skills for if an emergency were to arise and we as doulas were the only ones present or able to assist.

This course includes the Helping Babies Breathe programme and comes with a HBB certificate, as well as a True Midwifery certificate of attendance and completion.

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14 – 15 May 2016

DO-UM, Istanbul, Turkey

(Course in English with translation into Turkish for those who need it)

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