I teach a range of different workshops and classes in a variety of settings.

Please see the list below of workshops I offer. All of these workshops are also very organic in their nature and can de be designed and fitted according to your specific needs – let’s chat.

Upcoming workshops are listed here.

If you are interested, or would like to organise your own workshop, please write to me via the Contact Form.

( a one day course in the basic skills of neonatal resuscitation)

(a one day course on managing postpartum haemorrhage)

(a one day course covering listening skills and how best to care for pregnant people with a history of sexual abuse)

(Whether a midwife or a doula, as birthkeepers we may be faced with situations at births that require our life-saving assistance. This workshop covers the most common emergencies and how to prevent and manage them in an out of hospital setting whilst still maintaining the basic needs of the woman and the baby)

(Focusing on the births we have attended, grounding and connecting as birth attendants and looking and learning some basic skills IF an emergency were to arise and we are the only ones present or able to assist)

(A course for aspiring midwives to explore some skills of midwifery and to investigate for themselves whether the path of midwifery is something they would like to consider further)

(A listing of upcoming talks, workshops and courses)