The Fetus Ejection Reflex

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The Fetus Ejection Reflex

One cannot help an involuntary process, the point is not to disturb it…

If the labouring mother has had her basic needs met during the first stages of her labour, her body will prepare itself for something called the Fetus Ejection Reflex.

What are the basic needs of a woman in labour?

  • To feel safe
  • To leave the thinking brain (the neo-cortex) switched off
  • Silence
  • Darkness or low lights
  • Warmth
  • Not feeling observed
  • No adrenaline

It is very important that the labouring mother has utmost privacy during this time, otherwise the fetus ejection reflex will not take place.

How does it occur?

When a fetus ejection reflex is about to take place, the mother will suddenly become fearful and will say things like: “I want to die!” or “Kill me!”

It would be a mistake at this point to try to soothe or placate the mother with reassuring words.

Soon after this there will be some very strong contractions. The labouring mother will suddenly be full of energy and she will want to be upright.

The baby will be expelled in a few strong contractions. The Fetus Ejection Reflex is different from what we know as the second stage of labour, which is when the mother has to actively push the baby out.

When a true fetus ejection reflex takes place, the likelihood of the mother tearing is very low and the placenta should only take a few minutes to separate.

A fetus ejection reflex cannot take place if the basic needs of a woman in labour have not been met.

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