It’s all About Trust isn’t it?

Posted by on Jul 5, 2015 in Writings

It’s all About Trust isn’t it?

When a woman is in labour and she looks up she needs to know that we trust her.

Do we trust her?

Do we trust her body?

Do we trust her ability to birth her baby?

What language are we using when we speak to her?

Does it tell her that she is doing well? That she need not worry?

What do our eyes convey?


Or trust?

And our body language? What is our body language conveying?




Or trust?

And what is trust?

It is believing in someone, believing in their ability.

So when a woman doubts herself, when she doubts her ability to birth. When she seeks your eyes, or your touch, or your voice.

Tell her.

Show her.

Let her know that you trust her.

Transmit it with your very being.

Because if you trust her, she has no option but to trust herself.