Circle of Elephants Midwifery Care

Posted by on Feb 26, 2019 in Writings

Circle of Elephants Midwifery Care

When a female elephant gives birth she is surrounded by a group of female elephants who form a protective circle around her. They face outwards, guarding her and leaving her to birth protected and yet unobserved…sometimes she is joined by one elderly female elephant, ‘the midwife’ elephant, who sits with her as she births her calf, protected and guarded by her circle of elephants.

I am proud to announce that as of the 1st of February I have been officially merging my midwifery care practice with my dear friend Caitlyn Collins of Into Essence.

Caitlyn and I have been friends since she was 9 years old and I was 11. In fact, she is the best friend of my younger sister Kate and godmother to my daughter Sai. We have shared many things in life together and never imagined when driving home in my grandmother‘s car after school that one day we would be catching babies together.  I am proud to share care with this fine midwife, friend and sister – someone who truly honours the basic needs of the mothers and families we serve.


Caitlyn and I teaching a Helping Babies Breathe course together

We have decided to call ourselves The Circle of Elephants – as that is what we feel and hope this merger brings to each woman in our care during her childbearing year – that feeling of safety and security that only a circle of elephants could bring!

To contact us about our midwifery care please write to us at