Birth : A Poem

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Birth : A Poem


What is birth?

Birth is the emergence of a new individual from the body of it’s mother.

The emergence of that new individual, is the emergence of a new life.

Birth is completely normal yet unbelievably profound.

As that baby emerges, everyone holds their breath…..

Where do we give birth? 

We choose to have our babies in various settings:

At home

In hospital

In a theatre

And sometimes these are not choices but necessities.

Sometimes we plan to give birth in one way

but then something completely different may happen.

Sometimes babies are born in trees,

or on trains or by the roadside.

Sometimes babies choose for themselves where they want to be born.


Where and how we give birth affects who we are.

It affects how we are as parents.

We need to feel safe.

We need to feel confident.

And we need to feel in control,

so that later we can lose control.


If a woman feels cared for and nurtured,

she is more likely to love and care for her baby.


When we feel safe where we give birth,

we give birth more easily.


If we feel frightened or vulnerable,

we may feel traumatised and incapable

of loving our babies.


If we are made to believe that we are incapable,

we may hand over the power to someone else.


There is a hidden secret in our culture:


‘It is not that birth is painful

It is that women are strong’.

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